A Yummy Saif, Chef Film Review

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Chef Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

Chef Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

The Akshay Kumar film, Airlift not only gave him a hit but also announced the arrival of a new director, Raja Krishna Menon. Raja has directed Chef and this new adventure primarily shot in Kochi is a delicious delight.

Chef is starring Saif Ali Khan opposite Padmapriya Janakiraman and includes Milind Soman. The story has been adapted from the Hollywood film Chef, which is based on a New York Michelin Star Chef who gets fired and needs a reality check. The Bollywood Chef follow the same recipe and Saif who plays Chef Roshan returns to his ex-wife and son to take a break. Soon an adventure of a mobile kitchen starts taking shape after Radha (Padmapriya) introduces him to Milind Soman who is ready to make the investment in the business.

Roshan is troubled because his ego is bruised, he is troubled because his heart changing to love his family more than food, he is troubled because money is in shortage and he wants to maintain a certain lifestyle.

Saif Ali Khan is in element and while he looks the fairest of them all in Kochi, he looks at home as he settles down in Delhi’s Connaught Place. As a father to a young boy Ari, they share a great bond. Saif reminds you of a typical urban desi dad who is slightly western in manners but Desi in culture.

Padmapriya is a good choice, I doubt any Hindi actress would have agreed to play this role. However the chemistry between the two is not very sparky. There was still something missing.

Chef belongs to Saif and while Milind Soman could have given him a complex as the new man in his ex-wife’s life, the Royal looks and charm don’t fail.

It is a must watch for the sake of Saif Ali Khan. The music is dull and even if superstar singer Raghu Dixit makes an appearance it is very casual for the film. The director also overdoes the pasta making scene by Saif but then anybody who loves food will suffer through it.


What a Bang On Bloody Hell! Film Review Rangoon

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“Bloody Hell!” yes, Rangoon is full of British-Indian drama that leads you through a nation fighting for its freedom and a lover who needs to be set free.

This unusual trap laid by Director Vishall Bhardwaj will be interesting for some and not entertaining for most.

Rangoon is a story about a B-grade actress Miss Julia (Kangana Ranuat) who has been propelled to fame by her master, Rusi (Saif Ali Khan) and she is at his beck and call until she meets her real life hero, Nawab Mallik (Shahid Kapoor).

Screenwriter Matthew Robbins worked with Vishal for 7 Khoon Maaf, and it is no wonder there is a similarity in the love story plot, intense, surprising and demanding.

At the backdrop of the film is the ongoing quest for freedom, where Mahatma Gandhi wants to do it the anti-violence way and Subash Chandra Bose creates the Indian National Army. Nawab is crucial to making a promise to freedom happen, but he needs Julia, he never bargained for love, and only one must live.

Kangana Ranuat has repeated her Queen success, while Shahid has definitely stolen the limelight in terms of performance and Saif Ali Khan is at his most handsome best considering age. This trio handle the film superbly.

The other winner in the film is the Cinematographer, Pankaj Kumar who has captured the outdoors in a very new leaf on the silver screen.

Rangoon will be appreciated later in years to come.