Truthfully Daring- Joker Film Review

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Courtesy of NME

This film is not only difficult to watch but painfully true about what a few are going through in their lives. We may be living in comfortable lofts or cozy townhouses and travel to work or show up at school like all is normal, but guess what things are not so cool after all.

Joker is definitely a masterpiece for actor Joaquin Phoenix who has come close to winning the Oscar for Best Actor twice in 2006 for Walk the Line and then in 2013 for The Master. There is no doubt this time, it is his turn. This is no comic book character but a real life child who is struggling to make the world happy.

Screenwriter Scott Silver has woven a web of hallucinations, delusions and reality under the dark weight of Gotham city. Possibly never before has the contrast between the Rich and Poor being so obvious in a Hollywood film. Will this arouse any #MeToo type of movement?

Todd Phillips has done a very interesting job of the film, who would have thought, the guy who directed the Hangover series can direct Joker. It is no wonder that actor and now producer Bradley Cooper has contributed to this amazing film. The trio is completed with cinematographer Lawrence Sher who is exceptional too with Joker.

When Hildur Ingveldar Guðnadóttir got your attention for Sicario, you had to notice her talent and she has beautifully composed the soundtrack for Joker.

The film will have a long list of Academy Awards nominations, but most importantly it will question the Joker in you?

It is like sitting in front of your own talk show hosted, in this case by Robert De Niro.

Why does the world play with you? Why can’t they understand you? Or do you know and feel things they don’t?

Film Review- Sicario (Ready for Action?)

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Benicio del Toro Courtesy Viral Plate

Benicio del Toro Courtesy Viral Plate

Sicario was selected to compete in the Palme d’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival but didn’t win even though its Director Denis Villeneuve is known for good shake-ups at the Film Festivals. His last film Enemy coincidentally feature Cannes Film Festival Jury member and American actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sicario means assassin and the plot of the film is about an FBI agent Kate who gets selected to join an undercover operation to take down a Mexican cartel when she stumbles upon a house full of dead bodies.

Kate is confused about her new recruitment and keeps questioning the team and the boss Matt about what is really going on and why there is an insider Mexican Alejandro part of the operation. She gets nowhere with her quest for the reality but discovers horrible truths about the cartel, her organization and the undercover operation. Kate wants to run.

This incredible chase is only incredible due to the direction of Denis Villeneuve and the cinematography by Roger Deakins. Roger is a favorite of the Coen Brothers and he also has done work in Jarhead and Skyfall, for example in Sicario the scene of the American armored vehicles crossing into Mexico with an aerial shot is unforgettable and will soon be copied in other films. Great soundtrack by Johann Johannsson who last did The Theory of Everything, so the contrast has been wonderful to listen to and unfold in the action plots of Sicario.

Emily Blunt is the FBI agent and unfortunately she is quite irritating and looks very tired. But this film is a breakthrough chance for Daniel Kaluuya, British born actor who is Reggie (Kate’s FBI partner).

Josh Brolin is Matt and is a typical American CIA operative but it is Benicio del Toro who is Alejandro and gives you the chills. Benicio is an Academy Award and Cannes Film Festival winner and perhaps Director Denis selected him for this deep, painful and sharp role of an assassin Alejandro. He delivers in style and may have a chance of another Academy nomination.

Sicario is not for the light-hearted, you need to love action, violence or a super intense investigation, Mexican cartel is not for everyone.