Boss Baby Courtesy My Movies

Boss Baby Courtesy My Movies

If your child asked you where do babies come from, please watch the opening sequence of Boss Baby. This Dreamworks Animation is an absolute delight.

Alec Baldwin is the Boss Baby and he comes to the Templeton home to uncover his competitor’s next move. What follows is an interesting interaction between the boy Tim and him trying to prove to his parents that the baby can talk. Once the Boss Baby and him unite to stop the villain then they head to Las Vegas in disguise and solve the problem. However there is still one more problem, Tim and Boss Baby get close and Tim realizes he can not live without his baby brother.

Friends star Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow is Tim’s mother and live chat show star Jimmy Kimmel is the father. The narrator of the story is older Tim, who is Tobey Maguire.

Baby Boss is fun and a very unique lesson in store. Dreamworks have given another hit. The hit Beatles song Blackbird carries the film’s message.