Die Hard- Dunkirk Film Review

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Dunkirk Courtesy Puremzine

Dunkirk Courtesy Puremzine

If the British did not hold their fort at Dunkirk then the Second World War could have easily reached their shore.

Dunkirk has been written and directed by Christopher Nolan and whenever he takes on a project he changes major things in the game of movie making. From block busters like Batman Begins, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher leaves his mark for excellence.

Dunkirk is a film based on the Battle of Dunkirk when the British and French soldiers were left to wait to be rescued by the seaside as they fought valiantly against the Nazi Germany in 1940.

Christopher picks the themes of land, air and sea to show off the hardships and close shaves his heroes face. From the bomber planes to the Navy warships and the men at the beach with their rifles, they are all trying to save their lives from Nazi Germany. He uses an interesting time lapse technique to depict his story from the Pilots, Navy Officers to the rescuers who come on their private British cruisers.

The stars in the film include, the voice of Michael Caine, then One Direction’s pop star Harry Styles makes his acting debut, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy.

It is an excellent watch. The pressure builds up with the help of the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, another one of his excellent piece of work. The cinematographer Dutch Hoyte van Hoytema whose work includes the James Bond Spectre, proves his brilliant skills in taking the audience from beach to sea and the skies suspense of the war.

Dunkirk is a must for die hard Nolan fans and any one who wants to see a piece of history captured magnificently.


Film Review- Mad Max Fury Road (Water is King)

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Mad Max Fury Road Courtesy Devian Art

Mad Max Fury Road Courtesy Devian Art

Guns, grit and gutter, Mad Max: Fury Road is simply fantastic. It is like watching a live rock concert in a video game. The story about saving the Wives and getting them to the Green Place is full of twists and interesting dilemmas.

You are met with a tied up Tom Hardy (Max Rockatansky) who is tied up by the War Boys and has a blood bag draining him out. It doesn’t take long before he meets Imperator Furiosa who has been played by Charlize Theron exceptionally well. She has her rig and the wives and is heading to the Green Place. Here’s what is so maddeningly loving about Mad Max and there definitely should be a sequel:

The Citadel

The Green Place

The Vuvalini

Joe (he’s dead now)




War Boys

War Rig



More Sand

Soundtrack by Junkie XL

Director George Miller